Pilgrimage Into The Inner Life

I recently picked up a copy of Gerard Thomas Struab’s Thoughts Of A Blind Beggar. Straub’s story from being an atheist to becoming a pilgrim is fascinating. He wrote; “I found myself in an empty church in Rome … I had no idea that an empty church and an empty man were about to become a a meeting place of grace.”

The book is a collection of musings captured over a period of time as he wrestled with God, and faith, and grace as he was being transformed. The simplicity of the thoughts are filled with profound notions about life, and God, and humanity. Each one has become a trail marker for me as I continue on my own personal pilgrimage. Below are a few of the ones that have caused me to seek an oasis of reflection …

Each day needs to be a pilgrimage into my own heart.

God never shouts to be heard over our noise. Only silence gives God a chance to speak.

In condemning others, I am avoiding the more difficult task of knowing myself.

Contemplation requires tranquility and patience.

Listen … don’t think.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Unless we are willing to go on a personal inner journey to truth, healing and transformation, we will miss much of what life has to offer. Let God take you there.