Liking It Is Not Living It

We all do it. Most of us multiple times a day. Some say we’re addicted. We probably are. I’m talking about Face Book. Look around the mall, coffee shop, heck even the side walks are jammed with people face planted into their smart phones, engaged in social media. Okay, so I’m not even going to delve into the statistical data and multifaceted arguments about all the physiological erosion taking place. I have a more specific concern.

It’s that Face Book like button I’m worried about. I know, we all wish we had an unlike button many times too, but we don’t. That’s beside the point. Here’s the thing – we troll through our news feeds liking and sharing these cute pictures with these fancy quotes and sayings embedded in them all day long. But are we really paying attention to the words. Many of the ones I post and re-post garner that ever popular comment; Amen, frequently. I know what it means. You really liked it. It struck a nerve with you. It stirred your heart a little. Good. But here’s the thing; Liking it does not mean you’re living it. See, information is not transformation. When you like something someone else posted or quoted, do you ever stop and consider why you liked it? Did it really stir you? What is it that made you say “amen”?

While I often try to offer original thoughts and ideas, I mostly consider myself a curator. I am a collector of thoughts, and ideas, and quotes – verses, proverbs, saying, and such. And I love sifting through them and sharing the ones that mean something to me – or, ones I think will mean something to the followers on my page. But here’s the key; If it moves you, move into it. Inspired action is the only path to authentic, productive change. Otherwise we’re just members of the Amen choir. If something moves you enough to hit the like button and/or re-post it, then also consider why it was so significant.

As an example, I recently posted a photo with this quote by Pablo Picasso, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” I liked it because I believe it’s true. And because I believe it’s true, I’ve spent a lot of quiet time seeking to understand my purpose. I’ve allowed the idea to transform my life.

If you like that quote, consider why? If it stirs you, don’t ignore it.
Does that make sense?

Unless we are actively pursuing the substance of those thoughts, and verses, and saying, and quotes, and ideas, then all we are really doing is collecting information. If these pieces of revelation don’t inspire us to alter our life in some fashion, we are just wasting our time and our Amens. If you like it, live it. Find a way to incorporate those notions into your journey. Consider rethinking the like it button as your live it button. When you click it, believe you are saying, “I am going to take this idea in to consideration and find a way to incorporate action into my life.” How would your life be different if you lived the likes?

21 Day Challenge, Day 4

So the question comes; “why am I having such a hard time getting out of the gate? Why is this so difficult?” The answer could be any number of things, and we’ll take a look at some of them over the next few days.

The first and probably most important is our mindset; how we look at a given situation. Sadly, we’ve been trained over our lifetime to look at things from a mostly negative perspective. Some studies suggest that nearly 80% of our thoughts are negative. Why? Well, consider what you encounter on a daily basis as visual and audible input. Newspaper, talk radio, cranky boss or co-workers, evening news … get the picture?

Add to that our experiences growing up. Our mentors passed along perspectives, unintentionally of course, that shape how we respond to life now. As author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield points out in his book, Success Principals; messages like these below plant mental disabilities within us that will last a lifetime if we allow them.

“Don’t touch that!
Stay away from there.
Keep your hands off that.
Eat everything on your plate whether you like it or not!
You don’t really feel that way.
You don’t really want that.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Stop crying. Don’t be such a baby.”

Any of those sound familiar? I bet you can add a few of your own too. (I know I can.)

What messages are replaying in your mind as you work towards your 21 day goal? Write them down. It could be they have been disrupting your life for a long time and you didn’t even know it. Awareness is the first step to transformation. Once you realize there are thought patterns hampering the process, you can begin to understand how to replace them with positive, productive thinking.