Rekindle The Rhythm

I write everyday. In my journal. But that’s different. For me, that’s collecting divine thoughts and ideas, and reflecting on my journey. It’s not the same as sifting and filtering what I hear and learn each day, and then trying to articulate them into musings like this, and it’s been a while. You almost forget the rhythm of it; and the energy derived from it. Of course, as a professional writer/publisher for my music publication (, I write frequently. But it’s still not the same.

And the hard part is, leaving something you love behind for such a long period of time gets you out of practice. You feel rusty and out of sync. I think our life in the spiritual realm is like that too. We leave the consecutiveness of the Kingdom life for existence in the material world and forget how to walk one with our creator. The freshness and the fullness derived from the manna of that relationship fills us with life. But when we neglect it, we fall out of practice, and forget the sweetness of this “life to the full.” We then wrestle unnecessarily with feelings of guilt and anxiety.

If you’re feeling out of rhythm today, I urge you to rekindle that oneness that’s available and waiting for you. Take a brief walk or find a quiet space to slow down and re-discover that rhythm. It’s the real source of life, of inspiration, and freedom. And it’s a beautiful place to live from.

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