Morning Fog

If you’ve been a reader of my musings for any length of time, you are probably aware that I am a huge fan of journaling. For me personally, it has become my lifeline connection; it’s my rants, my gratitudes, my prayers, and my conversations with God, and my inner self. That time and experience brings me back to center. Unfortunately my mornings are usually kind of foggy. Do you get that? My brain just isn’t perky until I get a cup of my favorite java and get into my quiet place. And on days I can’t get there, I can tell I missed it all day long.

My journal also becomes a refuge throughout the day as I pull back and reflect on my morning revelations. Today happened to be one of those more profound mornings. The fog was more thick than normal, and the gloom seemed to be waiting to pounce on me. So, pen and journal in hand, I thumbed through some pages of the current books on my reading list; grabbed a couple quotes, a passage or two from the Bible, and let it all soak in. What filtered out was (for me at least) a profound moment. Not so much revelation, but reminders of basic principals that are so easily robbed from our conscience mind. So I now share them with you in hopes that they will help you reset and refresh as you continue about your journey.

1. Stay connected to your vision
2. Remember it takes time
3. Enjoy the process
4. Discipline is the bridge
5. Set goals and take action
6. I am in charge of how I feel
7. Choose happiness (it’s a feeling)
8. Have a plan, draw a map
9. Stick to the map
10. Keep showing up

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