21 Day Challenge, Day 20

I’ve discovered that throughout much of life most people operate from a position of submission. What that means for me is that a lot of my life I didn’t have much confidence in myself to take charge over the things I wanted to accomplish, or in my abilities in making things happen. So I spent much of my life defaulting to the power and authority of others – even if they didn’t deserve it. And when something went wrong, I let the details overwhelm me to the point that I began to believe nothing could be done to change them. I suspect in many occasions, I accepted circumstances that I didn’t need to.

In life, we have way more power than we give ourselves credit for – in part because we have a greater ability to produce better results than we think we do. When we give up our power, we’re left with defeat, powerlessness, and settling for less than we deserve. But when we approach situations, or goals, or life changes from a place of power, that attitude sets the tone and environment for change and progress. People believe you mean business when you approach circumstances as if you know you will get results.

When you operate from a position of authority you change things. Momentum is simply that. If your disposition is positive and authoritative, your results will reflect that. If it’s negative and pessimistic, then you will likely see those kinds of results. It’s a matter of perspective. And generally perspective is a choice. When we let ourselves believe that we can approach life from a position of authority, the fruit of that will be life changing. Tension levels will diminish, productivity will go up, and you will experience more peace than ever before.

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