21 Day Challenge, Day 19

Are you working alone? It’s not impossible of course, but generally it is understood that when we enlist the help and support of others our success rate improves dramatically. Consider building a support team around you with folks who know you, support you, and believe in you. You could call them your personal cheer leading squad to make it more fun.

Make a list of three to five people who you honestly believe have your best interests at heart. It could be a spouse, a brother or sister, a neighbor, a co-worker, a church friend, or even a pastor. (Engaging the services of a life coach at this point is also a good idea.) Share with them your goal/s and ask if they would be willing to be on your team.

Invite them to check with you periodically via email or phone calls with regards to your progress and share an encouraging word or two. This will also serve you as a form of accountability. Just knowing that there are others that are committed with you to help you see your changes take place will be positive motivation and encouragement.

From this list, select one individual that your really trust and ask if you can reach out to them specifically when you need more direct and personal input. (Again, a life coach serves this roll very well.) This could be your coach, a pastor, or a really close (best) friend. This person will be someone with whom you can share the deeper details; you frustrations, struggles, and road blocks. You will want this to be a person who is predominately positive minded. The last thing you need to hear is, “now, that was really stupid.” This person will allow you to vent, and then help you find a different perspective so you can continue on.

Don’t be a lone wolf. Two (or more) heads are better than one. Collaborative efforts always achieve better, faster results. Team work makes your dream work!

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