21 Day Challenge, Day 17

The big “D” … Derailed. It happens. Life is full of distractions. (dis – i.e. opposite of) Don’t get down when you get off track. We all encounter detours, which, if we’re not careful will discourage and disappoint us. It’s all part of the journey. Goals are necessary, yes. But a goal is like a golf hole flag. It’s a pin that marks the hole – but there are a lot of missed putts. Sure, you want the best score possible, but if you miss the hole you line it up and putt again; period. Golfers miss putts all the time and still win matches.

If you miss a goal (marker), realign your target and play on through. If you let falling a little short of the target goal get to you you’ll miss the reality of just how close you got – especially compared to where you where when you started. So your goal was losing ten pounds, and you lost eight – congratulations. That’s eight less than when you started. Celebrated the ground covered and continue on. Remember, while we do hope to achieve our goals on time, the bigger picture is really about creating new disciplines that will continue on way past the end of our current goal.

I have this belief that life is really about our own personal evolution. And out of that evolution come the fruits of our core self. As we grow and mature emotionally and spiritually, our contribution to the world around us grows along with it. Unfortunately, when we get caught up in the distractions, disappointments, detours, and derailments our personal evolution is stifled. I like what author Bob Gass said; “Even if you miss the right path from time to time, you can still enjoy the scenery along the detour.”

Stay focused on the bigger picture; you becoming more you. What happens along the way happens. If you miss a target, line it up and putt again.

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