21 Day Challenge, Day 16

Are you in touch with your personal values? Whether you realize it our not, your life is governed by your value base. Some people might place a higher value on family than anything else; others money, fame, religion, or even self. Often we have several core values that form the foundation from which much of our life flows. When you operate from your value base you find you have more energy and zest for life. And when you feel forced to function out of a set of values that aren’t high on your list, you feel a sense of low energy, frustration, or possibly even anxiety. This happens a lot if we work in a job we don’t particularly like. Or we may have conflicting values with the employer, or another person we are in a relationship with.

Your values make up the structure of your personality. Someone who values a particular political party will have different values than someone from the other side. The same goes with religious affiliations. Look at your own political and religious affiliation and ponder for a moment the causes that stir you. Those are part of your value base.

So, when you are considering changes you wish to make in your life, it’s also important to factor in your personal values. If you are trying to find a new job it would serve you well to investigate the value base of a potential new employer to see if you are closely aligned. If you have a heart for the green earth movement, going to work for a big factory with emission issues will challenge you – even if it’s the only job available. Do you compromise your values, or hold out for a different situation?

If you’ve never considered what your values are, make a list. Just start writing down everything that’s important to you. (As an example, rather than saying my car you would say efficient/quality transportation.) Then survey your list and pick the top five. This is a pretty fair representation of your core values. And from here you can begin to better understand the things that motivate you in life.

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