21 Day Challenge, Day 11

Momentum is a key element in maintaining an environment of change, especially in the early stages of a new mission. At the halfway point of the 21 day challenge I semi-intentionally took a break on one of my goals. I had a double motive. Firstly, I had a short trip planned and I knew it would be a little tough to keep up. (Honestly, that is generally not a really good excuse.) And my second reason was as an experiment. I wanted to intentionally experience the effects of sloughing off and then trying to regain my momentum.

The results were as I expected. Initially I was grateful for the little mini-vacation while I remained certain that I would pick back up in a day or so. Quickly a day became three. And feelings of disappointment began to filter in as I contemplated just hanging it up all together; thus the danger of breaking the momentum of your mission. And that is often why people set goals and don’t reach them. I’m sure you’ve experienced that at some point in your life.

When you break your routine you get out of the habit. You begin to coast, and eventually come to a standstill. You then make room for the old patterns and agreements to resurface, and before you know it, you’ve lost all resolve to continue. It’s the yo-yo syndrome.

The best advice I can offer is, don’t stop. Don’t break your cycle of forward progress. Make a commitment to see it through all the way to the end, no matter what. And if you find a break unavoidable, keep reminding yourself that the pause is temporary and make a sincere commitment to resume as soon as possible. There’s always time for intermissions in life’s projects, but completing each stage all the way through is vital to reaching any lasting personal life goal.

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